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                       Double Spade

            We Developed our Double Spade Brand in order to provide customers and re-sellers with Premium quality products and Great Pricing. Our great passion to provide clients with premium quality products has led us here to create Double Spade Brand!!

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We Launched Double Spade Brand in October 2015. has been in Business since 2006 and has been actively Marketing & Distributing products in North America.  

All Manufacturers of our Double Spade Line of Products are hand picked from a vast selection of manufacturers which are based All Over the World, Companies that are based in Taiwan, Korea, China & other parts of the world. 
Companies which have the best production capabilities and have strict quality control procedures with their productions going to countries like Japan, Germany & other European Countries USA, Canada and so on. We continuously explore and strive to bring new Premium Quality products to the consumer to meet the changing demands of the Industry. 
We are are always looking for more Companies and Resellers to Become a Partner/Distributor for our products. Please contact us if you wish to carry our great line of products at your Stores/Distribution Centres. Please also contact us if you are an independent Sales Representative and can Market our Brand with your contacts

Following are our Line of Double Spade Products-